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Everyone Should Vote!! Why?? Moral Obligation of Voters

Moral Obligation of Voters


 Yes, voters have a moral obligation of voting, despite of all the truths and opinions that the system is corrupt, ultimately we will have a corrupt leader and it’s all about family politics.

WHY? Because even if we know that the elections, we are voting are not as per the right system and we will not have something great out of it, we must vote! If we waste our vote and let the others decide for the ruler, maybe we will miss a chance of having a comparatively lesser evil and a bigger evil.


Yes , having a lesser evil can sometime be a breakthrough towards change and maybe your next generation will see good governance eventually.

Quote: “Shape tomorrow by voting Today!”- Unknown

But if we waste our vote by not casting it, we will surely have a bigger evil by our vote, to be cast by false way (everyone knows what I am talking about).

So it is our moral obligation to vote for the lesser of two evils.

Quote: “Bad officials are elected by Good Citizens who do not vote!!”- Unknown


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