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We’ve grown up seeing Actors and Actresses battling for being known as number 1, in the industry . Not only in Lollywood but also in the neighbor industry , Bollywood. Actors back then, instead of being the source of support and growth, they wanted to cut the other actor off and invade their space. The jealousy factor never went away, nobody was ready to sacrifice their so called dignity. The famous actors of that time felt ashamed doing a side role or a cameo role to support a movie. Egocentric natures never let them praise someone else’s work.
There was a time when our film industry was very successful and that was in its golden era. We’ve seen biggest of the stars like, Waheed Murad , Nadeem Baig and Mohammad Ali and other superstars working together, supporting and praising each other.

nadeem baig wahdeed murad
But then the time came where the downfall of Lollywood started where most talked about things in lollywood were Gandasa, battles for No.1 Spot, Cat-fights, Jealousy and all the other things. Only one big star used to do all the leading roles, no supporting roles no cameo and no new experiments.

But Hey there! Hold on. Time has changed now, things are getting better and better gradually. The jealous Lollywood has finally said Good Bye and here welcoming you to the All New Film Industry, better than ever! The special credits of the Revival of the film industry goes to the Seniors who instead of being jealous and envious, have been really supportive and kind to the newcomers, giving them the chance to prove themselves and make their own space. And also experimenting , doing new challenging roles leaving their heroic image aside.
Giving you the examples from your favorite movies.

Who doesn’t know Humayun Saeed? The Gem of Pakistan Film Industry, the superstar did a cameo role in the newly released Actor in Law, a good experiment and just to support the movie and performance of other actors.

Hamza Ali Abbasi another big and most talked about actor of our industry did a small but catchy role in Main hoon Shahid Afridi,


Famous Drama actor Naveed Raza gave the guest appearance as lawyer in Humayun Saeed starter Jawaani phir nahi aani.

naveed raza
Our favorite Aijaz Aslam also did a small negative role in Main hoon Shahid Afridi And the generosity continues..

aijaz aSLAM

In the New Lollywood, All the actors have started supporting each other, promoting all the movies attending events, no more battles for number 1 race, which is a strong and healthy sign of long running and successful Film Industry of Pakistan.

Blog by Munazza Asfar.



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