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While waiting for my van at the bus stop, I came across, an aged women holding an infant. His giggles caught my attention and I asked the lady ‘What’s his name?’ With a certain pride on her face, she smiled and answered ‘ He’s Raheel SharIf’. With the mixed emotions, I asked if his father’s name is Sharif, but no, It’s just that, she wanted that little boy to grow up and be like our National Hero and the pride of Pakistan General Raheel Sharif, and because of the respect and love she has for him, she named her child after Raheel Sharif.

General Raheel Sharif is proud Brother of Major Shabbir Sharif Shaheed (Nishan-e-Haider)

And Nephew of Major Raja Aziz BhattiShaheed (Nishan-e-Haider). download

Yes, he’s the leader of this generation. He’s ‘THE RAHEEL SHARIF’, a lionhearted warrior, fearless commander and a courageous man. He has raised the graph for honesty and discipline in our country. He is the real Hero who represents Pakistan.Undoubtedly, he’s the blessing to our Generation, Pride of Pakistan and a Superlative gift to our homeland.

They say “CHANGE COMES FROM WITHIN”. For the external world to change, there should first be a shift in our interior perspective. That’s what COAS Raheel Sharif, did. He Took the responsibility of cleansing our homeland, started with the Pakistan Army itself by dismissing the corrupt Army Officers, and now working hard to make our Country, terrorism free.


He has already been awarded with “NISHAN -E- IMTIAZ” and “HILAL -E- IMTIAZ”. General Raheel Sharif was named as “The Best Military Commander General” in the world by ABC News Point, and took Pakistan Army to the list of ‘Most Powerful Armies Of The World’.

“THANK YOU RAHEEL SHARIF!”,The Slogan of this generation and everyone who has witnessed his efforts, determination and hard work.


Out of many successful operations conducted by General Raheel Sharif, the one that played a vital role in the elimination of terrorism is Operation “ Zarb -e- Azb”, that was against various militant groups including ‘Al – Qaida’ , ‘Tehreek – e- Taaliban’ and ‘Lashkar -e- jhangvi’, came out as the most successful operation, flushing off hundreds of terrorist groups and became one historic example of  ‘War for Peace’.



APS Attack is one of the deadliest terror attack happened in Pakistan, 141 people including students, teachers and guards were killed by 7 terrorists affiliated with ‘Tehreek -e- Taliban’. General Raheel Shareef took serious step, and launched the ‘Rescue Operation’in which all the seven terrorists were killed and around 960 people were rescued.

raheel sharif

General Raheel Shareef was appointed as ‘CHIEF OF ARMY STAFF’ on 29th November 2013 by the Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and preceded by RETIRED Gen. Ashfaq Pervaiz Kayani. His four years as “THE CHIEF OF ARMY STAFF” will be completed this year and he is expected to retire on 28th of November.

The Prime Minister of Pakistan also offered the extension in tenure of COAS, but he has already rejected the offer and said ‘I don’t believe in extensions and will retire on the due date‘.

Apparently, no one seems to be happy with his retirement. Our favourite Hero has to say goodbye, finally. His final decision remains unchanged as he made two major announcements early this year.

  1. Eliminating terrorism before New Year.
  2. Would not seek extension.

But we all know that there is one way, if General Raheel sharif would be promoted as Field Marshal, which is the highest rank in armed forces that requires extraordinary achievements by a General like Wining War,he will be able to serve Pakistan for four more years. That, he has already achieved by winning the biggest war of present i.e. War for Peace and War against Terrorism. He is a well deserving Army Chief to be promoted as Field Marshal. And it is the demand of the time that he should stay for four more years to support , serve the Nation and to make our country corruption free in all fields and institutions. History will always remember you as an inspiration for an honest, truthful, courageous and a focused Generation.





Article by : Munazza Asfar



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