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What is Black Friday? | Black Friday in Pakistan

What’s with Black Friday?

what is black friday

Everything about Black Friday.

The Black Friday is known as the Biggest Shopping Day of the Year. It is originally an American tradition that annually happens the day after THANKSGIVING festival.

Retailers offer huge discounts on goods to tempt you to shop in the run-up to Christmas.  Many employers give their workers a day off for the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.

Black Friday is the biggest shopping day of the year. It is very common for retailers to offer special promotions during the pre-dawn hours of Black Friday to attract people. Retailers may plan the entire year for this special Friday sale. They use the day as an opportunity to offer rock-bottom prices on overstock products and sell them off.

It is the day when retailers offer discounts on seasonal goods, such as holidays decoration stuff and products people typically buy as a Christmas or holiday gift.

Retailers also offer splendid discounts on bigger items, that include top-selling laptops, cell phones, televisions and other electronic devices.

Consumers mostly shop on Black Friday for the hottest trending items.

In 2014, it became a huge thing in the UK as well, with thousands of people heading to the stores to claim a bargain.


Last year, the Black Friday happened to be a bit changed because of the online shopping trend, as per people are more into it. Websites crashing the whole day and continuously updating their website with new discounts and offers.

Black Friday is named Black Friday because it is the biggest shopping day of the year. The term “black” is an accounting expression in practice of recording profits in an accounting ledger in black ink, whereas losses are recorded in red ink. So because the business gets flourished and the retailers get the biggest profits of the year, hence it is named Black Friday.

There are nearly 20 countries that celebrate the Black Friday sale. But none of them does it like the USA. For past 3 years people in Pakistan have already started showing interest in this big shopping day as well, this perfect shopping day is also now a part of Pakistan. All the leading online shopping websites offer exclusive discounts on all our favourite products. Millions of the visits and shopping orders placed are recorded this day. This International Shopping event is finally local and people are going crazy over it already.


Let’s not miss this tremendous chance and shop till you drop.



Article by Munazza Asfar



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