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I have grown up reading, listening and watching Quotes like,

“With Great Power comes great responsibility”

In most of our superhero stories specially Spiderman. Where if a person has powers to do something beyond normal people or to run or represent the ideology of people, that person should understand his responsibilities attached to those powers.

But that was somehow a Quote from Childhood stories only. Whereas our real world can be easily represented by a famous Quote of Lord Acton,

“Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely. “

In Today’s World Democracy is one of the most famous systems to run government of a country. In this system we ourselves choose our leaders by our votes, this person should rule us and give all the powers in his hands to lie, cheat and steal us (Mostly).

corruption pakistan

But who is primarily accountable for that we? Or the one we elect to rule?

Some people have the view that they’ve chosen right leaders but power corrupts them and some thinks the core mistake is of the voters to vote wrong people. Corrupt entities collapse eventually. Great empires have been destroyed by corruption. Corrupt leaders have stalled the economic growth and development of poor nations.


In Pakistan, Most political parties are Sect, Province, Cast, religion centric. Hardly one or two parties are national political parties.

Whenever elections are there, as per the system most of us don’t get the chance to choose a good and honest person from the list provided to us to vote because in this so called party driven democracy, either candidate pays millions of Rupees to get the party ticket or pledges to support the party or leader’s view instead of raising voice for the rights of the citizens.

So in this corrupt system regardless whom we vote, mostly we vote a pre corrupted person. And then we satisfy ourselves giving reasons that we voted in loyalty sect, religion, cast, province, and leader. And some of us, who by heart want to vote in favour of country, don’t get many choices to vote a loyal person and ultimately they try to elect a less corrupted person hoping maybe… Just maybe… the importance of their vote will bring change in the society if not completely but for some instinct and some stay quiet and don’t even vote at all.


Some people vote their favourite political personalities even after knowing their long term corruption and this helps them to get the opportunity to do a great corruption.

By the soul of famous quote, “we ourselves are corrupt nation”


Article by: Khawar Khan




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